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Logistics and mishaps from the road and off-road.

You “Go Girl”

So, we had to stop and pee today. It happens a lot, especially with a pregnant momma. This time was different. I pulled off the interstate onto a dirt road. Thinking that we may not be far enough off the interstate, I look to…

Mountain Time & Leaving Texas

Back to the future: We crossed into the Mountain Time Zone earlier today. That’s fun. If we hurry up a bit can we go back in time and make everything right again? — A view into Mexico: El Paso borders Mexico (Cuidad Juarez I…

Michel takes the wheel as we hit Texas

We just crossed the Texas border. Only 800 or so miles to go before we reemerge. We know where home is Mr. Texan Michel is now in the captains chair. Asking for skittles… —


Michel test

I’m Seeing how this thing works