Michel test

I’m Seeing how this thing works


The Variscos storm City Park

We took the entire family to city park for a tour of the van. The kids were all over this thing like it was a mobile jungle gym.


A City park security officer spot us from across the bayou but didn’t seem to mind where we parked.


Hopefully the family will meet us somewhere our journey. It was a great time.



The Outlaw tours the Ironhorse

Ransdall, Willy-Boy (Outlaw) Prieur, and the girls came by to say hello tonight.

The Pack List

Below is the pack list we have built. We definitely won’t be taking everything on the list. We’re trying to be thorough. Henry David Thorough.
I posted it as “large” to be sure you can read it.


I guess we need to laminate that sucker. It’s already nearly destroyed.

Pre funk

After I showed GMac and Bono pictures of the van they suggested we have an outing. Food from Pigeon & Beers from… Anywhere.
I took Sean and Dave to the facility on Friday to have lunch.


Bryan Young is a teammate and friend who has a ton more experience than I with cars and toys like the van. He stopped by and suggested Prestige Audio to get something installed where I can play movies and access bluetooth.


It turned out to be a great time. We ended up sitting over at the Zephyr baseball field.


The back of the van has underfloor storage which serves as a perfect ice chest.


We have got to do this again!!

Prestige Audio

I had the van taken to Prestige by recomendation from Brian Young. Just picked it up.
Prestige put a screen in the dash where I have XM radio and can run music (iPod, pandora, rhapsody) via bluetooth and video from my phone or iPad via AV hardline.
Also, using bluetooth we can make calls hands free.


So far the van has been all that I expected and more. I am excited to get rolling.

Still need to have it licensed…