Month: July 2011

Cordova: Hartney Bay Rd -mile 5 to Hartney Bay Rd – Mile 7

Friday, July 29 – Saturday, July 30 We woke up around 11 at a pullout at mile 6 of the Hartney Bay road. The spot was overlooking the water and green mountains. Its nearly impossible to fall asleep before midnight because its light out… Continue Reading “Cordova: Hartney Bay Rd -mile 5 to Hartney Bay Rd – Mile 7”

Cordova: Child’s Glacier CG to Salmon Bake and Hartney Bay Road – mile 5

We woke up at Child’s Glacier Campground and headed back to the glacier to eat breakfast and watch some more thunderous calving. The facade was a lot different than when we left it last night. Lots of action overnight. It was hard to peel… Continue Reading “Cordova: Child’s Glacier CG to Salmon Bake and Hartney Bay Road – mile 5”

Cordova: Copper River Hwy – mile 14 to Childs Glacier CG

We sat at Childs Glacier for a day and a half. The glacier is at the end of the Copper River Highway, 50 miles from Cordova. Literally, the end of the road. We think this road originally connected to McCarthy Alaska but now ends… Continue Reading “Cordova: Copper River Hwy – mile 14 to Childs Glacier CG”

Ptarmigan Creek CG to Copper River Hwy: Mile 14

July 26, 2011 From Ptarmigan Creek Campground the Whittier Ferry terminal we backtracked along the Seward highway and then had to go through the famous Whittier Tunnel. Whiitier is a weird place and it starts with this tunnel. The tunnel Is literally a single… Continue Reading “Ptarmigan Creek CG to Copper River Hwy: Mile 14”

Denali National Park to Ptarmigan Creek Campground

July 25, 2011 We woke up for the last time in Denali Ntl Park today at the Savage River Campground. Head to the WAC to drop off Brendans bear box and then head to the Riley Creek Mercantile to take nice $4 hot showers.… Continue Reading “Denali National Park to Ptarmigan Creek Campground”

The Fly is looking for us: Audio Post

Eielson Shuttle Bus

July 24, 2011 Today we had our third bear encounter in three days. You heard about our chocolate chip cookie bear yesterday and Brendan arrived back in camp after some front row bear interaction the day before. Michel stayed at camp today and Brendan… Continue Reading “Eielson Shuttle Bus”

Wonder Lake Shuttle Bus

July 23, 2011 We opted for shuttles for the next couple of days, as they allow you to get on and off the bus. As a rule, they won’t let you get off by wildlife, but the driver will drop you off 1/2 mile… Continue Reading “Wonder Lake Shuttle Bus”

Denali Summit Flight

July 22, 2011 OK. We are nature drunk again… Today Jackie, Mike, Steve, and I drove a couple hours away to a town called Talkeetna to take a scenic flight tour of Mt McKinley. We moved the flight to today because the weather forecast… Continue Reading “Denali Summit Flight”

Tundra Wilderness Tour

July 21, 2011: Last night we boondocked north of the park entrance. We had to push through some brush b/c the trail was over grown a bit. But the spot we found was worth it… …A really cool valley overlooking the Nenana river. On… Continue Reading “Tundra Wilderness Tour”