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Tall tales from the campsite

Welcome Home Steve-o!!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011 Steve and Jim pulled onto Grand Route St John in the IronHorse at 12:45pm today!! After a quick and exciting welcome home, we went to lunch at Mr John’s — and were joined by: Thad, Madeline and Chris, Thais and… Continue Reading “Welcome Home Steve-o!!!!”

Music Heals

Sept. 3, 2011: a doozie of a post. If music heals, and I’m sure it does, I am a healthy boy. Music can foster an energy that hard to tap into. Music can be calming or powerful or angry or inspiring. Or healing. I… Continue Reading “Music Heals”

Infinite Joy

We thought this might be a good ‘side post’ to our adventures. ESPN listed the top 10 plays of the past 25 years. Play this video: I don’t think the video is formatted for mobile playback.

The Variscos storm the NW – Couer D’alene

So we spent the next couple of days living in this: We enjoyed breakfasts outside in the crisp Northwest weather: We took morning walks / golf cart rides along the beautiful grounds and golf courses of Black Rock: (some in our new Gonzaga Prep… Continue Reading “The Variscos storm the NW – Couer D’alene”

The Variscos leave the Northwest

August 29, 2011 It’s almost time to leave Steve and the Northwest. We spent our last day in Couer D’Alene at the country club – swimming, eating, playing cards, and working on agendas for Steve and me. Then spent the evening at The Gleasons… Continue Reading “The Variscos leave the Northwest”

The Variscos storm the NW – Spokane

Jilly and Paul flew to Spokane today! We were very very excited to pick them up from the airport. How about that belly!!! – SG Steve gave them a tour of the city. He showed them old houses, old parks where he played baseball,… Continue Reading “The Variscos storm the NW – Spokane”


We watched the Foo Fighters documentary at Ryan and Monique Thielman’s house (excellent show) Ryan recommended a lodge in Sandpoint, Idaho. Called… The Lodge in Sandpoint We took his advice and made reservations and it was Awesome. View from the Room We had dinner… Continue Reading “Sandpoint”

Summer Joy

I told Sean that I want to roll down my dads hill before he leaves from this filming session. Why? Why not? It’s fun! It’s not the cliffs or bridges or cornices I used to jump or the waves I used to surf but…… Continue Reading “Summer Joy”

Happy Birthday Outlaw!

Kenai River Drift: Jim’s Landing to Hope, AK

August 6 2011 We spent the day drifting down the Kenai River fishing for salmon with our guide Jason and his guide outfit “Angle 45”. Kyle lined up the trip for the Kenai drift. As I said in an earlier post, thank goodness we… Continue Reading “Kenai River Drift: Jim’s Landing to Hope, AK”