Scott and Jaclyn Fujita have become a very special couple for Michel and me.
I have been to their house above Carmel Valley twice in the past six months. It is a very special place.


The most beautiful part of California and the most beautiful family (twin daughters – Delilah & Isabell).



Sean joined us to get some footage and to grow his relationship with Scott.
Kyle, Kath & Finn took a day off work to join us for the day.

Kyle and Scott remind me so much of each other. They are both introspective, honest, and courageous enough to voice their opinion even when it may be unpopular. Somehow they both are able to do this without completely pissing people off. It’s like I have two brothers here today. Grateful. I am a very lucky boy.


Scott barbecued steak and chicken kebabs and Jaclyn made some amazing guacamole and ranch dip.


All the families sat together in the dining room as the sunset across the Valley. Just before sunset we went out on the property to get the perfect sunset view.


After sunset we decided to red neck out a little bit we stretch the new winch and then did some for 4x4ing on Scott’s side property. Sean got some great video footage of this.

The boys had a late night hangout session in the van. Moments like these are so special and value to our friendships.

Kyle & Sean:

We chose to keep with tradition and all slept outside.

Waking up in the morning:


Good pals, Jaclyn and Michel happy to see each other again.


“I’ll walk to the ends of the Earth with you.”


4 Comments on “Fujita

  1. Thanks for allowing us to join you on another great “Steve & Michel Adventure”! Love you guys, love your zest for LIFE, love what you is all about….if ya know what I mean!!!

  2. Hi guys …it took me three days to figure out how to respond..FIRST: this rectangle is not big enough for me to say all that I want to say!!!!!!! I am SO jealous of you guys….what a gorgeous place to be. These are the times in life that are so rare and unforgetable. Enjoy every second….and it looks like you are. Val will show me how to do the audio response, Jilly had to talk me through this part…hope it work. He (Val) is at City Park…baseball practice, and finally finished exams today. Remember how great that last day of school felt? Have you guys sent this to Renee? If not, please do, she would love it. Things are ok with the birth mom, but a long way to go…take care of baby Gleason…..I’m out of room. Love up to the sky and back down!!! Martha

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