The Amazing Crater Lake


We drove up to Crater Lake this morning. (For those readers in the South, the lake is in Oregon.) This lake is the deepest of all lakes in the US, around 2,000ft – just a bit deeper than Lake Pontchartrain. It’s 6 miles wide and has a little island in the middle of it called “Wizard Island.”

We got to the lake at exactly the right time. The clouds had just opened up for a matter of minutes so we could see the lake clearly. Did I mention that it was in the low 20’s and snowing? It was freezing, but it was one of the most breathtaking scenes I’ve ever seen..



Steve, Sean, and Michel


Steve’s Pic from a tiny window inside the Lodge.


We ate lunch in the warm lodge – including clam chowder, a burger, an omelette, and hot chocolate and then bundled up to face the fierce snowstorm outside.


4 Comments on “The Amazing Crater Lake

  1. Michel and Steve,
    Crater Lake was one of AJ and my favorite places. We hiked to the lake from the rim and back not too many years ago.
    That taught us rule one about hiking: Always start out going up hill.


  2. We are looking forward to trips like this ourselves. The inaugural RV trip is this weekend to Deer Lake north of Spokane (though Talia, Toby and I slept in the trailer last week on the street). I enjoy reading the blog…first thing I check when I get to school! Eat, drink, and be merry my friends.

  3. Girl, put your clothes or I’m gonna tell yo momma and dem!!!

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