Te Matare Ramirez (I will kill you Ramirez)

Much better weather today. A better day entirely. We are still tired but at least adjusted to our surroundings. The rain passed and we enjoyed a crisp, sunny morning exploring the Dietrich Auto dealership. Dietrich is a family owned dealership specializing in cars outfitted with body armor.


We were at the manufacturing plant where they shut down operations to give us a tour of the small disorganized factory.


An interesting business model that has a growing market in Latin America, particularly Mexico.
Now is the time at Dietrich when we wear welding masks.


After Dietrich we visited the Belgrano Business School campus.


A much more inviting location than yesterday’s campus.


Nice Mike como un Jefe:

We were joined by representatives from Arcor. One of the largest candy/chocolate manufacturers in the world. A good presentation considering we have a presentation on this company later in the week.

After another Carne lunch (I’m over beef at this point) we visited HSBC Bank.


Our session was with one of their lead economists. Very professional and informative. He hinted that Argentina is teetering on another crises as they are currently experiencing unsustainable growth without enough political will to control the growth. I am convinced that Argentina has more experience on financial and currency crises than any other country. Probably a bad thing.

We got out of class early and went directly to the Palermo Soho district. A hip, younger neighborhood. The district is full of apparel shops, coffee shops, art galleries, bars and restaurants. A magazine street for the Argentine St. Charles Ave.

Kyle had been here a few times before and suggested Bar 6.


We sat and relaxed for a few hours and I had a salad. Best salad I’ve had in a while. The food in this district was much less traditional with fresh, light ingredients, less sauces and a focus on real flavors. My style.



Speaking of less traditional, this evening we went to one of the most unique restaurants I have ever been to.

Te Matere Ramirez

This description does justice.

This is perhaps the most interesting and creative dining experience in Buenos Aires. Its symbol, an aroused fork…


…with an extended and upright prong, hints at the erotic nature of the restaurant, whose name (“I am going to kill you, Ramírez)” comes from playful arguments the owner had with a friend who was a Casanova.


The food has sensual combinations, such as garlic and sun-dried tomatoes, mixed with sweet elements and poured over sautéed or marinated meats with deeply embedded flavor. This emphasis on contrasts creates some of the most flavorful cooking in town. Erotic art hangs on the walls and the lighting is boudoir red. Slow, soft music, such as jazz and bossa nova, plays as you eat, adding to the mood.

We didn’t quite fit the typical customer as we were loud and a bit obnoxious by the end of dinner.


The food was great the atmosphere unique and crazy but the best part of the restaurant, was this tiny “swing jazz” trio. I could have watched them all night.

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