We stopped for lunch in Wallace, ID. Been there?


A really cool little town that used to have to only stoplight between Seattle and Boston I-90.

We had lunch here…


The sun is out. The temperature is perfect (michel moved into the shade when we were eating outside).


Kyle and Brendan jumped in the river before lunch…
It’s a beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest.


We will soon be out of cell range so we won’t be posting for several days. I will try to use the Spot Connect (upper right of this page). Let me know if it’s working.

We love y’all.


Better now than never…

2 Comments on “Wallace

  1. You guys always look like you’re having such fun…love it!!! Looks like Steve got a haircut; did Michel get one too!!! Does she really look like a lesbo??? Lots of love!

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