Kintla Lake Day 2 – Hippie Surfer Bus

Kyle got up early to fish in the Guzzie this morning.


A worthy vessel:

The campsite is situated right where Kintla Lake drains to Kintla River. A nice place to be. Also, Leslie discovered that there are way less mosquitos on the bridge.


Today was mostly for relaxing.


We spent a lot of time with John, the Site Host, who has spent many summers in Alaska. He has an amazing photo book with hundreds of bear pictures. Mostly, bear slaying Salmon.

Michel and I hiked (east) around the lake to the Ranger station and shot some video journals at ‘Rock Skipping’ beach. This whole lake is full of flat round stones, perfect for skipping rocks.


We chatted with Lyle, the ranger, for a bit. This dude is 91. The oldest ranger in the parks system. Sharp fella. Good life.


Anyone know why some beach rocks become flat and why some become round?

Brendan and I went for a quick swim.

Swim vid: to be posted soon.

Michel and I made Spaghetti tonight for dinner. We used my Dads recipe which, I think, evolved from my Grandma Leola Cuzzetto.

Blaine and Alex showed up in the Hippie Surfer Bus/House.


It’s nice to sit in one place for a while.
Can’t sit in one place too long… Damn mosquitoes!
More mosquitoes today. It’s warmer.

One Comment on “Kintla Lake Day 2 – Hippie Surfer Bus

  1. Cuzetto, WOW! Glad to hear there’s some more Italian blood in the mix! What a gorgeous part of the world you’re in, again! Except for the mosquitos, I’m jealous. Be safe and have fun. Till next time…XO

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