Couer D’alene

We just ended a wonderful, relaxing week at the Stewart cabin in the beautiful Couer D’alene Lake, Idaho. Steve and I have come here for July 4th for 7 years now, and our relationship has evolved a fair amount since then..
On our first visit in 2005, upon arrival, Steve let me know that he was going to have to “hang out with his friends” a lot and that he couldn’t spend all his time with me. Which was fine being that i didn’t know a soul.

HEY!, I’m being quoted out of context here!
He also chose for us to sleep in the bunkhouse, which is a small quaint cabin with no electricity and a single bed.
Now, in 2011, the Stewarts are one of my favorite families in the Northwest, we’ve upgraded to a big, super comfortable bed in the main house right next to a bathroom, and Steve spends all the time I need with me.

Our time in Couer D’alene involves:

Hanging out at The Black Rock Country Club (working out in gym, swimming in pool, and eating lunch)




Hanging out on the dock and taking boat cruises..




And hanging out at the cabin with Carly, Doug, Dave, and Lucy the dog Stewart.
(Paige not pictured)


And Kim.


Otherwise, we also got to hang out with some other friends who were in the area..

First.. Kimi and Graham Culp!!
(and we had a quick visit with the Davidsons at their Gozzer Ranch Fortress) (with possibly the most breathtaking view of the CDA Lake)

Kimi, Michel, and Kimi


Steve and Dave with the view of the lake, in front of an electronically screened in porch.


Steve, Dave, and Graham doing a rockstar pose


All of us at Cedar’s, the floating restaurant, which made me slightly seasick but not too bad.


Also got to spend time with the Shaws, Matty and Tirza at a Couer D’alene restaurant called Angelos.


Lastly, Steve and I went to one of Steve’s best buddy Tony’s wedding. He married a gal named Tina, on a Tuesday.
We’re very happy for Tony and Tina and wish them the best!




Oh. And listen to this.
There was a superdooper toilet in the suite that blew my mind.
A) when you open the door, the toilet seat lifts up automatically.
B) when you sit on the toilet, it heats up
C) then, when you’re done with the toilet, there are ten different options to choose from. I chose “rear cleanse”.
I couldn’t find the stop button for a couple of seconds and it was more violating than enjoyable to me.

Goodbye Couer d’alene.. Alaska here we come!?.!…

3 Comments on “Couer D’alene

  1. The toilet sounds pretty amazing (ish). Have fun in AK!

  2. You both look wonderful! Michel looks very lovely with the shorter hair and, well, Steve is just too good-lookin’ to talk about!!! I am pretty jazzed about that toilet! What a beautiful part of the world you be at. Love ya’, T.

  3. I want to go to there. Seriously, I could listen to you go on all day about that toilet. As Ivy would say “It’s my Jam!” The only thing that could make it better is if it played elevator music while you did your business.

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