Babine Lake Rd to Deadmans Creek CG

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Another big driving day today. I think all of us are a bit travel weary and being this close to Washington makes us all ready to get home.

We stopped at Mezzanine Lake and cleaned out the van.


It was dumpy with a fusty smell.


There was sunshine today! Halleluiah!


We stopped at a pullout to stretch our legs and watch the sunset.


Then drove into the night. We listened to Cyndi Lauper. Then a deer ran right in front of me. Luckily I remembered the boys instructions from Alaska and hit the brakes and didn’t swerve. We all thought we’d hit it but the deer just made it, thank the Lord.

We stopped at our last campsite of the trip! A cool one, but it was in between two train tracks so we listened to trains every 1/2 hour.

Oh and… We missed my dad at Rock-n-Bowl tonight:(


One Comment on “Babine Lake Rd to Deadmans Creek CG

  1. Have enjoyed reading about your fantasatic voyage….oh and I missed your dad at Rock n Bowl too 😦

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