Cross Country 2012, Day 8

Saturday, June 18th
Couer D’alene

It’s great to be in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Perfect place for Steve to be for the summer. Very Huge Thanks to Ray Kish for opening his home to us.

We’re all happy to be reunited with the Martin family, even if Dave is annoying.
Great to hang out with Hattenburgs and Casey as well, who bake cookies and sleep in Rivers room for us:)




Rivers likes to eat rocks and pine needles.


The one thing that was missing: “Teeth Like the Sun.”
“Walks on Wheels” and “Toes like a sloth” and “Bebe Rios” all really missed him – and were very happy when he pulled in to Black Rock.


8 days later we’re safe and sound at our final destination. Cross Country 2012, success.

2 Comments on “Cross Country 2012, Day 8

  1. Michele, Steve and Rivers, and Teeth Like the Sun – I just want you to know how much we love reading your blog every day. My family and I feel like we are living the same “ALS life” as you, as my husbands progression seems to be very close to the same track as Steve’s. Your family has become a daily discussion in our family and always a source of inspiration. We talk about you like we are all good friends! Creeped out yet? Ha ha. I hope not – we would love the opportunity to meet you in person one day and I hope that we may someday get the chance to do so. Until then, thanks for sharing your lives with us. Journey on.
    Jenn, aka – Head Like Pin

  2. How’s the lake going so far? weather has been great from what I can tell.

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