Boy vs Girl

Michel – BOY
Steve – GIRL
Julie P – BOY
Susan/Sportsmobile Austin – BOY
K-Bass Brechtel – BOY
Josselyn – BOY
Jimbo Salters – TOMBOY
Willy P – BOY
Ivita – GIRL
Aunt Joan – BOY
Rehage – BOY
RachieRach – BOY
Izzy and Delilah Fujita – GIRL
Kerry – BOY
Thad – GIRL
Liz Chapoton – GIRL
Jackie Gleason – GIRL
Alison – BOY
Roomate – BOY
Keri Doolittle – BOY
Patti K – BOY
Karl Gleason – GIRL
Kook – GIRL
BobO – BOY
Hilda: BOY
Lindsey McHugh – BOY
Kimster Culp – GIRL
Debbie Landry – GIRL
Teddi – BOY
Molly L – GIRL
Michel Varisco Sr – GIRL
Vinnie – GIRL
Pauly – BOY
Uncle Vernon – BOY
Liz Mahner – BOY
Sunny Holiday – BOY
Ann Grace – GIRL
Karen Prieur – GIRL
Ashley Bono – GIRL
Mrs Johnie – GIRL

35 Comments on “Boy vs Girl

  1. BABY TERM will be a Boy. But the Varisco genes are so strong its going to be born with a mustache.

  2. Steve and Michel:

    I am so glad your Mom put us in touch with your email. I am so happy to see the new Rolls Royce that you bought. It’s perfect for Tarzan and Jane and the little peanut in the oven. (I’ll call him Boy). We love you both and hope your trip is a good one.

  3. girl ….. hurry home so I can know that I’m right. – Liz

  4. Boy with best friend that lives four doors down and is three weeks older (also probably a boy).

  5. It’s a boy!!! Can tell by the shape of the tiny tummy! Love you guys!

  6. Im with Martha–I don’t care…just waant a healthy baby. Though I have to admit I would love picking out little girl clothes. A girl would half to hold her own with Finn and his new little brother.

  7. Hi Guys, Hope the fishing trip was great for Steve and that Miche and baby Gleason (who cares about the gender) had a relaxing hotel stay. Just wanted to say hi….and ask you a question for Val…he just got back from camping in Wyoming and Idaho and wants to know if you have to deal with the big bugs….he had a great trip..has great pictures we’ll show you when we share yours when you get back. Love, martha

  8. Who is that inside that beautiful belly that I can’t wait to meet? I think of it as a boy but I don’t know! Love you all three.

  9. Boy/Girl, doesn’t matter… God Bless you and you’re wonderful family Steve..

    ~ David Burris

    • apparently i need to spell check myself.. Obviously I wasn’t an English Major @ WSU.. šŸ˜Ž

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