The Creepy Stranger

How many innocents can we serially lure into the van?
If you’re lucky you’ll end up as a trophy.

Steve & Scott:

Steve and JD


Steve and Kevin


Steve and Jimmy


Steve & Davide:


Steve & Jilly:


6 Comments on “The Creepy Stranger

  1. Meat Magnetism….plain and simple. Steve could lure men into a burning building with the amount of Meat Magnetism he puts out.

    steve is to other dudes as moon is to ocean.

  2. Hey Michelle and Steve,
    Just got your blog from your Mom. Looks like a blast!!! You two are something. I know you are loving every minute. Just wanted tosay hi and HAVE FUN!!

    , Debbie

  3. Well, now that you’re probably on your way home, I got your blog. Enjoyed it so much. Glad you and Steve had such a wonderful trip. See you soon.


  4. So better late than never I guess! Ive known about the Blog for a while now , but just getting around to reading it and loving every minute…definately gonna stay tuned. I have so much LOVE for the both of you! Can not wait for your next visit to Spokane! Hugs!!


    ….Ray, Xavier and Sage too!

  5. please stop by the office soon i miss ya’ll
    love, Lisa

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