Back on the Road

So. The bumper and the wench are officially part of Team Gleason. We have become at least 30% more redneck.

After hanging out at Sportsmobile since we woke up in their driveway early this morning (and peeing on the driveway without realizing there were 24hr surveillance cameras..) – we are back on the road.

We ate chilled leftovers from a delicious Mexican meal at papacitos last night in Houston. The fridge seems to be working quite nicely. And we shared a compostable spoon, which also did the trick just fine.
I also munched on a couple of travel sized Twix bars and kit kats.

We are now headed to a campsite in Carlsbad, NM. The weather is quite nice.



One Comment on “Back on the Road

  1. So how many times have yall sang “On the road again” by Sir Willie Nelson? Also 1,000,000 bottles of beer on the wall will help bypass the long drive to New Mexico!


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