Balmorhea and the San Solomon Spring

Tonight, our plan was to stop at Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. We were both exhausted by 8 PM so we chose to stop in a little Texas town called Balmorhea. Steve stopped here last December when he drove to California. There is a state park a few miles from town where there is a massive spring called San Solomon’s spring. It’s a nice little campground and the spring is pretty amazing. The water comes from an underground artesian spring at a rate of 1 million gallons per hour . It’s not a hot Spring, per se but it is 72 – 76°F all year round.

For dinner we stopped at Juan Carassaco Mercantile.


It’s a fine little shop with a nice selection of microbrews, a friendly proprietor and homemade burritos!


We used our new A/V equipment from prestige audio tonight. We played “THE RITE” from my phone and watched from the top bunk. Middle of nowhere Texas, full moon, late night. We thought this a perfect setting to watch a scary movie…
We both fell asleep in 5 minutes. We’ll finish it today.

The Ironhorse in the stable. She’s itching for some wilderness:


2 Comments on “Balmorhea and the San Solomon Spring

  1. mom just sent me the blog…..
    i’m jealous about the homemade burritos…

    i love the photo of michel driving the gleas-co mobile with the cigar (?) in mouth…

    love and miss ya’ll


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