A Thursday with Morey

On the wing and a prayer we ended up at the Morey house in Phoenix last night. Sean is a long time NFL alumni who I played against for many years.


Also, a heckuva good guy who has become a good friend.


Instead of sleeping in the van, he offered a guest bedroom, some food, hot tub and a cold beer.

His three daughters (Devan, Kate, Piper) were asleep and his wife Cara was at a hockey game but we got to meet them all this morning before they left for school.


Afterwords Sean, Cara and Piper joined us The Good Egg for breakfast.

We are super grateful to Shawn and his family for letting us ‘storm the palace’. *”The hot showers and nighttime toilet were sweet too!” -MV

Randomly, we saw Keith Poole outside the restaurant. He was a teammate of mine in New Orleans and the original LWD. Great to see him.



One Comment on “A Thursday with Morey

  1. I voted boy in the B/G survey but after seeing Piper’s full contact hug …. IDK!!! .. Maybe a lil GIRL River?!?! …. Loved the pic of you, Keith, and Sean. BTW … Keith’s name wasn’t THAT big across his shirt when I saw him! He had a different t-shirt on with a MUCH smaller logo LOL!

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