Where it all started…

Family Road Trips:

We passed this car today and it took me back to my childhood


Every summer my mom and my brother and I would drive from Spokane, Washington to Redwood City, California. We would generally take three or four days to get there. We would take different routes every summer and try to stop at points of interest along the way. I remember going through Reno, Nevada one time. I remember visiting Sutter’s Mill in California. We regularly with stop at petrified forests and grab souvenirs, fossils and amethyst. Some of my strongest memories were laying in the back seat of the station wagon while mom would drive through the night. Times have changed, I suppose. Now we have to strive our kids in to car seats to make a bank deposit.
We didn’t have any air conditioning so we have to yell at each other in order to talk with all the windows down. A couple of years we went all the way to San Diego and Mexico.
The wonder years. I am very grateful for them. I guess that’s where this all started.


One Comment on “Where it all started…

  1. My family had a very similar giant green station wagon that we roadtripped in when I was growing up! Also, my first car was one of the powder blue station wagons with the faux wood paneling. It was called the Mehrmobile. It looks like you guys are having a blast. Enjoy, and we look forward to seeing you next weekend!

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