Worms in the Anus

Great Day in LA today.

Steve had a morning session with Master Bruce Sun. If you haven’t met him – here he is in March in Nola.

He’s a Chinese Wu Tang monk who has a gift for healing and is one of the most giving people we have met. A gentle, kind soul. He’s amazing. Almost like a real life Jesus Chan.

Afterwards, Steve Sr, Steve Jr, Bruce, and I went out for lunch at Fred Segal’s burger joint called Umami.
This looks like the cover of the record if those three boys were in a band..


After that picture Bruce told us that when he was little his dad wouldn’t let him sit on the grass because he was worried he’d get worms in his anus.

Here, I into a college housemate that I haven’t seen since ’99 named Heather Henniger.


For dinner, Bruce took us to eat Peking Duck. We were the only non-Asians in the restaurant. It seems like he ordered one of everything on the menu. The Peking Duck reminded us of the Babi Guling (Pig Roast) we went to in Indonesia. But luckily, the duck skin didn’t have hairs on it like the pig skin. And it tasted like cracklins. Steve ate the duck feet. That had toenails. I swear. There’s a foot picture included in “Local Flavors” page.

– MV

Peking Duck


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