The “Post Rapture” Sabbath in LA

Well. Looks like Camping and his Family Radio were wrong again. We woke up unraptured in Marina Del Rey (MDR) which is like a little bit of heaven in the overcrowded, smogy, City of Angels.

We rested today. Michel had breakfast at Maxwell’s with Rachel (good friend from CU Boulder) and Kevin (studly, tuna melt eating, husband) then relaxed on the beach.


MDR is a pretty sweet beach because the Venice pier is about 1/2 mile north and people don’t really venture past the pier. This leaves MDR feeling like a private beach. In the middle of a city like LA… that’s heaven. Thanks again Señor.


In the afternoon we went to JD and Kristin’s house in Hermosa Beach. JD is one of my best friends from Gonzaga Prep.


He and Kristin have hosted me in Hermosa over the past ten years or so. I remember staying there when Christian was not even a teenager and their beautiful daughters (Olivia 7, Amelia 5) were only wishful thoughts.
I have been very lucky to have friends like these. Not to mention, they love NOLA.


We BBQd for Christian’s 20th birthday. I have many great memories of BBQing in their backyard, listening to PJ and enjoying each others company.
We stuffed ourselves with JDs famous ribs, meaty artichoke with dill dip, “Grandma’s” chili dip, “Omar’s” cole slaw, and a massive fruit plate. “non-special” Brownies & Ice Cream for dessert!


Much the same this time. Janna and Grandma joined the fun and gave us some recipes for the road.

“…just be a darling and I will be too. Faithful to you…” -EV

One Comment on “The “Post Rapture” Sabbath in LA

  1. So great yall are catching up with old friends along the way. How cute, you have matching blue hoodies. Missing yall on GRSJ 🙂

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