Buenos noches Buenos Aires

I have some catching up to do but thought I should include some posts from my trip to BA.
My tulane MBA class and our ‘sister’ class from the Houston campus begin a week of international business week tomorrow. Most of us got in today except the 15 or so students and our ONLY professor who missed a connection in Houston. Maintenance issues.
They had to wait it out and are enroute this evening. Continental kindly offered a few drink coupons for causing our classmates to miss 15% of their trip.

I arrived this morning after an overnight flight. I flew ‘non-rev’ on a pass from Uncle Brian. Business class (movies, wine, salmon) is so rad. I don’t usually gloat about shit like that but… I feel that, under the circumstances, a little THAT WAS SWEET is in order.


I was on a Delta flight with Chris Kenney (classmate) who was also flying non-rev.

We got in this morning an hour ahead of the Houston group. We, fortunately, realized that their flight arrived at another terminal and caught them getting on the bus heading to our hotel.

The city:
Buenas Aires is a place I have been wanting to visit. Michel and I were in Chile a few years ago and almost took a quick trip over. My head has been focused on our Alaska trip so I really haven’t done much research.
Jarlath and Lewis (two other NOLA classmates who avoided the continental connection debacle) joined Chris and I for a Sunday exploring BA.

Chris Steve & Lewis:


We found a tiny local restaurant by accident and had an excellent meal… Well, besides the Carne Kidneys I ordered. Hey, I like to try different stuff!! For class, we will be studying the after effect of the economic crisis in the 1990’s. Today we experienced it first hand. The steaks were great and cost $5. The restaurant was tiny, packed with locals, and had a great atmosphere. My kind of place. I forgot the name… I’ll get it.


The flight attendants made us promise to visit the Sunday market at San Telmo. Best market I’ve been to… Ever!! Even better that Pike Place. There is a ton of creativity and artisanship in this city. Local artist making their own loot. Not someone reselling an Indonesian made ‘Tibetan’ rug.


I could have spent many days watching artists, dancers and musicians.


I didn’t get a picture but I saw a fantastic puppet show featuring a drunkard who drinks himself into dancing with a fire hydrant a light pole and them ‘floats away’. Superb.

Some beautiful architecture as well.


We went in for a quick prayer:


Isn’t all of life a constant prayer?

Tonight we went on a recommendation from Chris’ guide book. ‘Best steak house period’. Rio Alba. I say… Pretty damn good. The sweet meats didn’t touch those we find in NOLA. The filet was tasty and tender (medium rare) but I still prefer the sizzling hot plate delivery from the boys at Mr. Johns.


An excellent local Cabernet pairing.


According to Chris K.. “A top 5 all time day for meals. Steak for lunch, wine for lunch, steak for dinner, wine for dinner, and a cold beer in between.”


Buenos noches Buenas Aires. I might have to play hooky tomorrow.

2 Comments on “Buenos noches Buenos Aires

  1. More, More, More…I can’t get enough of this Blog. It’s my daily ritual. Can’t wait for the next post.

    TT, between you and me, I’d say it’s really, really, really, really GREAT!!! Have Fun!!!

  2. I would have loved to have seen the puppet show… and the food sounds increadible. And yes, life is a constant prayer…..

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