Tengo Escuela?

Knowing that half the class and our professor have not arrived in Buenos Aires, I hold opposition to attending class today.

Tulane has set up an exchange week with Universidad de Belgrano, an urban university downtown. Apparently, there were some kind of protests this morning so our 30 minute bus ride took 90 minutes. A little extra nap time.

The Belgrano campus was unimpressive, aging high-rise buildings packed between aging high-rise buildings. The classes and facilities were dated; drab 60s-70s architecture.
We took elevators up and then stairs down and zigzagged through hallways to find our classroom.

¿cómo se dice aburrido en español

So it’s been raining today and there weren’t many interesting photo opportunities on campus so I tried a “Sketch Mee” app to help add some creativity. This app is a good tool to take a poor photo (out of focus, poor lighting) and make it presentable.

We did have an interesting speaker in the morning who gave us Argentinas 200 year history in about 2 hours. Highlights of the history lesson? 20 or so economic crises and 4 dozen Coup D’Etáts between 1900 and 2011. A dramatic history for sure.

Our second scheduled teacher was reportedly late and then never showed up. Apparently, caught in the protests.

We went to lunch and finally were joined by our classmates who were stranded back in the US. They were a little worse for wear but happy to have arrived, finally. Certainly a highlight for me to have them arrive!!


After the afternoon session we returned to the hotel via the Palermo district which had tons of statues, museums, Polo fields and a grandiose horse track. I missed getting a photo but hope to return to the horse track this week.

Statue in Palermo:


Certainly the highlight of the day was dinner with Crewlane.
We ate just around the corner from the hotel, near the Recoleta cemetery at La Lorenza.


Chris Kenney had Chorizo Beef for the 4th meal in a row. I am encouraging him to have this for every meal this week. Is there a guiness record for most consecutive Chorizo Beef meals.

Thad, Kyle, and Nice Mike chose to order the “Complete BBQ” Aka the “Mountain of Meat”


This must have been more than 10 lbs of meat. Incredible. They really do make this complete. Kidneys, heart, goat ribs, blood sausage, mystery meat, it was all there.
As usual, dinner with friends and family, good food and lively discussion is a favorite activity of mine. Plenty of supply here in Argentina.




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