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Leaving Buenos Aires

We had most of Saturday free to relax a our bus didn’t leave to the airport until 5:15. I slept in and then spent most the day in the Recoleta neighborhood. After a breakfast, Dale, Thad, Nice Mike and I wandered through the local… Continue Reading “Leaving Buenos Aires”

More from Buenos Aires

A local Parillida yesterday, Rudolpho (El Jefe) invited me to help after he saw me admiring his meat. 🙂 Rudolpho allowed me to wear his strongman apron and join him behind the counter. Good People Dinner at Piegari: A good combination of classmates from… Continue Reading “More from Buenos Aires”

Tengo Escuela?

Knowing that half the class and our professor have not arrived in Buenos Aires, I hold opposition to attending class today. Tulane has set up an exchange week with Universidad de Belgrano, an urban university downtown. Apparently, there were some kind of protests this… Continue Reading “Tengo Escuela?”