Heading North

This is a final post from my trip South to Latin America. Michel and I are actually on our way to Spokane right now. From NOLA, we made a pit stop in San Francisco to meet with Dr. Miller.

From last week:
I am taking the early flight out of San Jose this morning.


A little reflection on my past couple weeks.


Kyle and I decided to come into San Jose from Tabacon late last night.

The ‘Tico Crew’ had a few excellent days in Costa Rica to end a fine trip.

Our last couple days in Tabacon were spent relaxing in the resort hot springs. I had a couple massages which were a happy ending to a great trip. As is often the case, our days at Tabcon were highlighted by our meals.
The morning buffet was spent reading the New York Times with the Tico crew enjoying fresh fruit and omelettes.


Our discussions covered Latin economics, the presence of China on the global economy, elite military forces and a review of our time in Buenos Aries.


On our final night we had an epic dinner…


…at a restaurant called Los Tucanes.


We had a unofficial wine tasting where we compared a $60 bottle to a $12 bottle. I learned a few things about color gradation.


I also learned that not often is it worth spending $60 instead of $12.


We had the piano man play some U2 and Coldplay. Costa Rica has some great people. A fortunate country that has been a good steward of these resources.
How about the “roommates”? Amor.


A bit about my Tulane experience:
A few nights ago we played “top 5” MBA professors. I’ll keep the results quiet but the conversation got me thinking about my Tulane experience.
After 18 months in the EMBA program I am fully satisfied with my choice to attend. The curriculum was strong and our time was spent in a first class facility.
Mostly, I am overwhelmed by the talent and character of my classmates. I have a strong group of friends from my youth. Friends that I went to elementary school and high-school with. Friends that stood in my wedding. This Tulane class rivals those friendships.
Over the past 18 months I spent more time with Crewlane than anyone other than Michel. We have “shed blood together” as Lynn Gilette would say.
An impressive group. Good people who understand the importance of teamwork and helping others achieve their goals. From SVPs of “million billion” dollar companies, to Iraq war veterans turned ‘nice’, to entrepreneurial merchants saving New Orleans one sandwich at a time… a group of doers.
As we wrap up our time together, I have a feeling that these moments will not be reduced to faded snapshots on the periphery of my memory banks. This group has been front row as Michel and I have endured some life changing circumstances. There are many incredible moments to come and I am happy to have this class in my corner…

Ay, Jarlath? Don’t you have a class picture somewhere? If ya coold send that me way laddy, a thoosand blessings.

…Thanks K-Bass for tracking this down


Thanks nice mike for the jacket.

One Comment on “Heading North

  1. Great times over the last 18 months. Great friends made. Great challenges faced and will face head on. I’m truly blessed.

    Pura Vida

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