Pura Vida

I didn’t take many pictures of the Tabacon Resort. It doesnt seem like the place for pictures. It’s stuck right in the middle of the Arenal Volcano region and covered with tropical foliage.


The hot springs form a river that wanders by the resort. Some work has been done to direct the river into various pools and waterfalls for guests to relax in. A full spa is available and the property has a few restaurants. The Costa Rican cuisine was fresh, delicious and plentiful.

Monday morning we drove to the Sky Trek zip line.


Overlooking Lago Arenal, the facility is well planned and made us feel like we had our own private playground overlooking the valley.



The Costa Ricans use the phrase Pura Vida (The Pure Life).

I’m still enjoying the pure life…

Check out this vid.  I’ve done a few zip lines in my day.  This one was by far the most awesome… some of the cables were 2000 meters long and we were pushing 50 mphs, 1000 feet above the jungle floor.  Better now than never…

One Comment on “Pura Vida

  1. It’s Pops, Looked like a lot of fun, beautiful nostalgic locations, some pretty good food at times and very relaxing.

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