Haircuts and Gail

So I’m a little late in writing about this, but Steve and I got our hair chopped by the lovely Lindsay and her assistant Jimmy.
Steve shed his greasy Jesus look and looks again like a hot teenage boy, which is my personal favorite..





I, on the other hand, chopped 10″ of ponytail off to donate to “locks for love”.


Look how bizarre the top of the ponytail is. Like a blush brush that makeup wearers use, made of human hair..




Great cause, yes, but I can’t say the experience was painless. I’ve had long hair since the 5th grade and have never had my hair even remotely this short. And I’m not one for change.
However, Lindsay did a great job and made me look presentable.. even though I look like sally the soccer mom.
And paired with my growing face and new oversized camping clothes, it’s really an interesting look. More like Betty the northwest Butch.

Anyhoo – after the cut – we hung out with Gail Gleason and Dave Martin – had a delicious dinner at the Flying Goat – my favorite pizza in Spokane.
The pizza below is Amazing.

The Kiernan:
Italian Sausage, arugula, house cheese blend, heavy cream, over a medium egg and topped with arugula in truffle oil.

The next morning Steve, Gail and I ate at “Fergusons”, which appeared in the critically acclaimed 80’s movie called “Benny and June”.. as well as the not so critically acclaimed movie called “Vision Quest”.
Great spending time with Gail.


One Comment on “Haircuts and Gail

  1. Mich…we have yet to see a picture of you with your new haircut…don’t be a “scary cat”…show us!!!

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