Packing Up & The Monterrey Jellyfish

Saturday we loaded the van with groceries and filled the water reservoir.


Batteries are full. These solar panels seem to be working out great.

We used Mike’s recipe to make an S-load of spaghetti sauce. We’ll be cooking for 8 for 2 nights in Glacier National Park.

We also got Michel some practical clothes to keep her warm on the trip. I didn’t say she looks like a lesbian with those pants on and that short hair.

Saturday night we rally the Spokane crew to watch the US-Mexico Gold Cup Final soccer game.

Uncle Jimmy and Colin passes through on the way to North Dakota


Other than the regulars…


…talkin story with HT…


…we had Joe Kelleher join us. He is in from his teaching gig in Monterrey, Mexico.
It is always a treat to see Joe.


Joe, when I type your last name, my phone keeps auto correcting to jellyfish. Mucho Gusto

Swingin Doors:


Mexico 4 – USA 2. Lame.

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