Kintla Lake Day 3

Relaxing day today.


Other than these Mosquitos. It’s seriously reason not to come back. I got up early this morning to watch the sunrise. I set up my video camera to do a time lapse. It’s a long sunrise around here. I set up the camera at 4:45 when it began getting light.


The sun didn’t break over the mountains until 6:30. Not all that impressive of a sunrise either. Not many colors and just a gradual increase in light over a couple hours. Still my favorite time of day…

The whole gang went on a hike around the western rim of the lake.


I felt really good to get a few miles of hiking. Mic was a big help, as usual.
John, the camp host let us try out his mosquito nets.


Not sure if the nets were actually helpful or not.

Uncle Jimmy showed up after losing a starter somewhere in eastern Montana.


Jimmy is always good for some excellent campfire stories. “Hey Babe, take a walk on the wild side.”

3 Comments on “Kintla Lake Day 3

  1. What an adventure! Great picture with you all lined up! Enjoy! JKG

  2. In response to the question: “Anyone know why some beach rocks become flat and why some become round?”

    I asked the geology tutor here at WSU’s Academic Support Center, and she said that it depends on the dominant mineral in the original source of the rock. Since you are in the mountains, most of the rocks are metamorphic and, depending on their mineral composition, the planes of each mineral breaks at different angles as they go through the erosion process. The ones that become flat come from minerals that break along long flat planes.

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