Water Fowl Lake to Boulder Creek rest area, BC

Wednesday, July 13

Today we were hung over from our overdose of natural beauty from yesterday’s trip through Banff. We saw dozens of vistas that would have been impressive had we not seen what we saw yesterday.

Still beautiful though…


Last night the mosquitos were dormant bc the campground was at elevation and the temperatures were colder. We cooked a feast outside and this morning I went down by the lake and this fella was playing guitar to the mountains.


Our big decision today was wether to drive the northern ALCAN route to Watson Lake via Dawsons creek or to hit the Cassier-Stewart highway. We were a little concerned about being in
Anchorage by July 18 but chose to work west to the Cassier-Stewart. Its more scenic. And it’s highway 37!


As we move coastal the forests are getting thick and lush.


Lunch stop:


We made it all the way to the Cassier-Stewart junction by sunset…


…which is at 11pm in these parts.

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