Moose Creek to Anchorage, AK

July 19, 2011

The “vandaid” was a success! Protected us from mosquitos and rain.
Oh and Steve didn’t mention this yesterday, but there were no toilets at the last campsite and I had to #2. Lets just say, I’m officially an outdoors (wo)man.

We finally made it to Anchorage today.
We had to hang out a lot in the car dealership area – kind of like an Airline Hwy.
We found a GMC dealer to change out our fuel filters.
Steve had to fly to LA tonight for a doc appt.
(SG side note: In LA, JD & I had lunch at Jgelina, which was awesome, and the locals were friendly


All my surfing friends should enjoy that shot.)
Back to michel…

Brendan and I had a pretty good dinner downtown at “The Glacier Brewhouse” and then head to a local laundromat and got to study the Alaskan native people, who are very, very interesting. Some look Korean, some look Mongolian, some look Mexican. They all seem nice, a lot seem tipsy.

We slept in a campsite 14 miles outside of Anchorage. As we pulled up, we saw a sign: “Landfill and Campsite”. We thought that was interesting. What was even more interesting was the “correctional facility sign” in between the landfill and our campsite. We kept our doors locked tonight, though it ended up being a really nice site.

Next day – Brendan and I got the back window fixed and head to Flattop Mountain for what they call a “moderate” hike.
Well. For a girl like me, pregnant with no uphill exercise since 1994 when Julie and I climbed Longs Peak, it was a tad bit more than “moderate.” It was pretty much uphill the whole way and ended with a steep peak of rock climbing. I knew my mom would kill me if she saw what I was doing but you can’t just quit or you feel like a dump so I pushed forward, with Brendan being good and supportive (even though now he admits that towards the end he thought, holy shit if michel falls I think people may kill me).

br />

The top was gorgeous. It was amazing and revitalizing, I felt a huge sense of accomplishment.
Only thing I wished was that Steve was there to see me.

Some pics below – im gonna add even cooler shots later to portray the “moderate” conditions.



To end the night, we stayed at the very quaint Susitna B&B…


…with a deck and a beautiful view of the water.
Highly recommended.


And we ate delicious burgers at the local joint, “Humpys”.


And later picked up steve from the airport at 2am. Very, very happy to have him back with us.<

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