Alaskan border to Moose Creek Rec Area, AK

July 17, 2011

It always feels like its the same time of day here… Weird.

We got on the road and then stopped for Breaky. We are planning to get close to Anchorage tonight. I have a flight to LA tomorrow. More sad forest today.


The rivers have all turned grey and brown.
Gakona River:


It’s a rugged place.


We saw another moose today. This one just grazing a few feet off the road. We need to upload a pic from Brendans camera.
But the highlight occurred a bit later…

…We are rolling through Alaska today on approach to Anchorage, as we passed through Glen Allen minding the frost heaves I hear a crash like some one dropped a chandelier on a hardwood floor. Before I could figure out what happened Michel yells from the back of the van, “the back window just blew out!”.


We pulled off trying to figure out what happened. One of our top theories was that a local was having target practice.

Anyway, we did some first aid work and applied a ‘vandaid’. Garbage bags and duct tape – the foundation for any emergency kit. The setup seems to be working for now.


We found a campsite very near the Matsu Glacier.



And cooked outside…


One Comment on “Alaskan border to Moose Creek Rec Area, AK

  1. welcome to Alaska…CRASH!!! Hope this doesn’t hang you up too much! Have a safe journey to LA!

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