Whitehorse, YT to Alaska Border

July 16 2011

We woke up in a nice, huge king size bed. Scrubbed ourselves clean in a hot shower (the drain is located on the opposite side of the showerhead), and head out to face the day feeling refreshed.

First stop: Baked Cafe, a California-y place with blueberry “rhubarb” muffins and smoothies with “hemp” flower, etc.


We checked our emails, worked on schedules for Denali, etc.

We also learned that we were on tue wrong side of the dollar currency exchange. We thought the $ dollar was stronger than the canadian dollar. Our waitress at lunch set us straight.
After stopping at a pretty crappy grocery store where you have to pay for shopping carts, we were on the road again.

The terrain from here was rather depressing. We called miles of it “the sad forest”, bc it looked sad with puny trees and lots of gray water and bc it made us feel sad looking at it. But.. Then came the rainbow.


And it made even the ugliest scenery look amazing.

Apparently, due to ‘frost heaves’ the highway conditions have gotten worse. This is the worst section of highway thus far. We have heard it gets better after we cross the border.


The Canada/US border crossing was pretty uneventful compared to Jessie last week.
We found a cool place to camp that had a great view of the horizon.


At one point it sounded like a fighter jet was flying over. We looked outside and saw a bunch of ducks flying over. I’ve never heard birds that loud before.
And best of all… No Mosquitos!

That makes for one happy camper!!

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