Denali National Park to Ptarmigan Creek Campground

July 25, 2011

We woke up for the last time in Denali Ntl Park today at the Savage River Campground.


Head to the WAC to drop off Brendans bear box and then head to the Riley Creek Mercantile to take nice $4 hot showers.

We then picked up Mike and Jackie and had a long day of driving. We drove back through Anchorage and onto the beautiful Seward highway.


The scenery changed dramatically once we were here.. Waterfalls, Big lush misty green mountains right on clear green lakes (Fjords).

We got to the little fishing town of Seward on the Kenai Peninsula.


and had a goodbye dinner at Chinooks right on the bay.
We ate salmon and halibut cheeks and watched seals out the window.
The town smelled fishy and was chilly and rainy.


Goodbye to Mike and Jackie! Thanks again for joining us!

We cruised back up towards Whittier and stayed at Ptarmigan creek CG


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