Anchorage, AK to Quartz Creek Campground (kenai peninsula)

August 1, 2011

Kyle’s here! Picked him up from the airport:


and went to the “Best Pizza Restaurant” in Anchorage called “The Moose’s Tooth”. We went at 2pm on a Monday and it was still a 1/2 hour wait.
That’s pretty impressive even for Nola standards.



Brother-in-Law Kyle realized he lost his license when he got to the Cali airport but somehow finagled his way to Alaska. But. That hasn’t helped him get beer in Alaska.. His first rejection was here.
So I ordered a beer and the bartender asked me, “Are you sure this beer is for you? And not that guy without a license?” So I zipped up my hoodie to hide my belly and said, “yes.”
Anything for an inlaw.


We ordered three large pizzas. Delicious, well worth the wait. And perfect for leftovers.


Kyle’s friend Scottie and his baby ate with us.


We left Anchorage clean and full and started our drive down to the Kenai Peninsula once again.
We pit stopped at Glacier Creek for a quick fish. Kyle has a lot of gear.



We then stopped in one of our favorite small towns yet, called “Cooper Landing”. We went to a fly shop for Kyle to pick up some gear.


We ended the day at the Quartz Creek Campground.


Kyle got geared up and the boys went with him to watch him fly fish.
Working a red…


There were Humungous spawning Bright Red King Salmon. Amazing. So I’ve learned – these salmon get big and red when they’re at the end of their swim, laying eggs, and about to die. They’re not good for eating, but there are fish that follow them and eat the eggs that are good for eating. Like the dolly varden steve caught in BC.

Anyway. Kyle caught and released some fish then the boys came back to camp. Kyle was trying to teach Steve how to fly fish right handed and Steve wasn’t able to make his hand do it. This led to some serious frustration and a well needed breakdown. We sobbed about the harsh reality of what is happening. And I guess in a way it feels better, even though it doesn’t change anything. Hmm.

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