Homer Spit: Day of Rest, Land’s End Hotel

August 4, 2011

After a BIG day of fishing yesterday, the boys needed a day of rest. I didn’t do squat yesterday, but I, along with my oversized stomach, was completely in for a day of rest too.

We woke up listening to the ocean and seals in the Land’s End Hotel and made another reservation for tonight. Then we went to a recommended breakfast restauarant, “SweetBerries” and ate pancakes and omelets and pulled pork sandwiches.

Then went to the Homer Meadery. Mead is sweet white wine. I never really knew what it was, but I feel like I’m at a king’s table lit by candles with a big silver goblet when I drink it.


Kyle is pictured here, but didn’t really partake because of his lost license..
We bought a hawaiin honey, buttery flavored mead to bring back to the hotel.

There, we checked back in, laid down on the 2 double beds, the boys got loaded on mead and such, we turned on HBO, and watched:
True Blood, 2 Entourages, Bill Maher, an episode of Real Sex from 1981 (at this point the boys were less interested in the cheese tortillas I was microwaving them and more into the tv) and then a movie with Adam Sandler where he gets diagnosed with a terminal illness.


After a while of that movie, we all got a little antsy and felt like we were getting bed sores… So, the boys went to the sauna and cold tub and I walked for 9 minutes on the treadmill, at a fast pace.
That made us all feel much better from our slothliness.

Went to bed feeling pretty well rested and ready for the action packed next couple of days.

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