To Anchorage and Back to Again

August 7 2011
Anchorage, AK/ San Francisco, CA

I flew to San Francisco and back in approximately 30 hours. I am an early enrollee for a clinical trial and I am required to check in every 2 months for ‘monitoring’. I’ll leave the details out for now but it’s mostly just a bunch of prodding and questioning to see how my muscles are holding up.


The sniff test:


Anyway, I had some fish and chips in the airport. Awful compared to Homer.


Mic and Brendan did laundry and relaxed in Anchorage while I make this trip. They know Anchorage like the back of their hand by now. Well, they definitely know where Moose’sTooth is.


I get back on a plane tonight and we will head to Juneau via ferry as soon as I land.

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