Anchorage, AK to Juneau, AK (Mendenhall Glacier CG)

August 8-10 2011
We are officially on ‘the descent’ back to the lower 48 and eventually NOLA.
Technically, we are not ‘on the road’. They do call it a highway though. The Alaska Marine Highway.
It’s a day and a half journey from Anchorage to Juneau. The path, of course, leads back through the Whittier tunnel.

After getting the horse back on the ferry.

We got our quarters…


…a bit cramped.

We landed in Juneau after an overnight of watching movies and reading. Juneau is foggy and rainy.


We made our way to a campground near Mendenhall Glacier. We spent an entire day here reading relaxing and recovering from a few long days fishing traveling. Very nice.


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