August 10, 2011: Juneau

Note:This morning we decided to adjust our Route on ferry. Initially, we intended to go to Sitka for a couple days. Instead we are going to Prince Rupert a bit earlier than planned. We want to go to Stewart, BC and Hyder, AK which are near Prince Rupert.

After leaving the camp ground this afternoon we went to the Mendenhall glacier. As amazing as it is…




We saw black Bears, salmon, spawning, iceberg, and waterfalls all in one day. We were not all that impressed. We have seen a lot of this recently. Still very cool nature.
And I still love the Salmon.

Our ferry doesn’t leave until 1 AM tonight so we bummed around Juneau for the rest of the afternoon. The historic district is pretty cool in terms of architecture…


but the place is completely overrun by Cruise ship tourists. And Ironhorses.


We did find some sockeye Salmon sushi and a really cool trading post run by a native family. It’s a third-generation outfit. We got some goodies for the family.


It was super foggy so we did not take the gondola to Mount Juneau. Sorry outlaw! You and I will have to do that together.

Speaking of bums there were a whole bunch of drunk locals in downtown area. We had one group trying to crawl around the van… “I just want to see the inside.” No thanks creepy stranger.

How about this for some Alaska love…


One Comment on “Juneau

  1. Ray and I are reviewing the blog. Awesome pics and stories. Ray really likes the bears. I’m not sure if he realizes they are wild and could hurt him. Ray also really likes his new iPhone. He keeps asking me how he can heckle you on the blog. XOXO

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