Juneau, AK to Prince Rupert, BC

August 12 2011:
Happy Birthday Brendan!!

We boarded the Matanuska around 12:30am.


While checking in, Timothy, “The Purser”, noticed a mistake with our reservation and up graded us from a 2-berth room without a view to a 3-berth room with a view.


And it’s awesome!!!!!
Our room last time felt like a prison cell and the bed Killed my already in pain lower back. This, this is like a luxury room – with our own bathroom and shower And some room to move around.


The scenery of the Inside Passage is pretty impressive but we haven’t seen a whole lot of it as it has been pretty cloudy until now.


We did some sun worshipping as the day ended. Still chilly!!


The food has actually been pretty good on the ferries here in Alaska. Can you believe Michel ate all that food!!
She’s eating for two…


We figured we had seen all the wildlife we would see for the trip. Well, we were wrong. When we were docked at Ketchikan, we decided to eat dinner in the cafeteria and Michel spotted ‘something out there’. It turns out they were Orcas! It’s rare to see them, in fact, I went to a ‘on board’ presentation this morning, and the whole presentation was about Orcas. The ranger giving the preso said he has only seen Orcas twice during his career.


Anyway here is a lo-def video of the sighting. I’ll throw the hi-def version up when we get Wifi.
Good birthday present for Brendan.

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