Hayden Lake to Spokane: HOME!

Tuesday, August 15, 2011

Matt made us pancakes for breakfast and we ate them on the deck in the warm sunshine overlooking Hayden Lake.

We went for a morning swim.


It’s hard for Steve to swim now, as his reflexes tell him to breathe in when he’s supposed to breathe out. It’s a huge disappointment, because he loves swimming in rivers and lakes and oceans and pools and it’s now really difficult. However, he said he wanted to swim to the dock in the picture above and as tough as it was, he made it.

Brendan unpacked all of his stuff from the van and we said our goodbyes. He’s surprising his wife Leslie by getting home a day early.


The boys chatted and then Steve and I head to Riverside State Park.

We took pictures from the bridge of the “Bowl and Pitcher”




We did some video recording for the baby. Steve talked about memories from “Malibu” youth group and traveling to south America and the Galapagos Islands.


Summers in Spokane are absolutely beautiful. Warm and no humidity.

Ended the day at Mike and Jackie Gleasons. Felt good to be home. Not really at home yet, but a great place to stay and rest.

The Varisco parents are coming in soon to visit!

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3 Comments on “Hayden Lake to Spokane: HOME!

  1. What an amazing trip! Glad you made it back to Spokie!! Hope to visit ya’ll soon!

  2. As we are each reading the Shunpike to each other on our iPhones, I am making Ray a DiGiorno pizza. As an appetizer we are munching on wheat thins and artichoke dip from Costco. We’ve also had some Keystone light lagers while trying to fix my sprinkler system Can’t wait to see you guys. XOXO. Ray is funny.

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