The Variscos leave the Northwest

August 29, 2011

It’s almost time to leave Steve and the Northwest. We spent our last day in Couer D’Alene at the country club – swimming, eating, playing cards, and working on agendas for Steve and me.


Then spent the evening at The Gleasons for a feast – homemade spaghetti, chicken wings, and salad from the garden. Some of Steve’s buddies joined us. Beautiful night.




Goodbye and thanks again to Mike and ‘Jackson’ Gleason.


That evening we stayed at the lovely Davenport Hotel.


Steve and I stayed here 7 years ago when I drove to the Northwest with him for the first time.


We had a really delicious breakfast downstairs the next morning with Gail and Kook. Paul Sr enjoyed his corned beef hash.

We said some goodbyes.

It was really rough to leave Steve. I mean real rough. We’re such a team now and it doesn’t seem right not being with him. But – I’ll see him in about 10 days. And it’s time for me to get home to start getting ready for young gleazy.


As it turns out, it was not time for us to leave quite yet. Due to plane mechanical issues, we were forced to stay for one more night!!


So we got to take the Varisco’s to a hip spot called “The Flying Goat”, which is home to my personal favorite pizza called “The Kiernan” (it’s actually on my top ten favorite foods).


We ended the night playing Liverpool rummy at one of Steve’s favorite Spokane spots – “The Elk”.


And the next day, we had to say goodbye again. Not any easier.


But Steve has some more adventure to embark upon. And I gotta get home. Until I see you again, I love u Steve-o. And I’m lucky for every single minute I get to spend with you. Ten more sleeps.

One Comment on “The Variscos leave the Northwest

  1. It was great to see you guys again and I so enjoyed meeting your parents, they are such nice people! I also have to agree with you about The Flying Goat. One of my favorite places…. great pizza. Wanted to let you know that I got tickets for Dave and I and the boys as well as my dad to go to the Hall of Fame dinner. We really hope that it works out and you are able to make it back for that. Take care. Love, the Martins

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