The Variscos storm the NW – Spokane

Jilly and Paul flew to Spokane today!
We were very very excited to pick them up from the airport.


How about that belly!!! – SG

Steve gave them a tour of the city. He showed them old houses, old parks where he played baseball, soccer, and football, old schools, as well as all of the cool neighborhoods.

We had to take a break to go to our OB Spokane doc, Dr Satterfield.


But first – we stopped by the world famous, well at least SPOKANE famous, Dick’s, for burgers.


Documentarian Sean Pamphilion, AKA “The Fly”, “SeannyP”, or “Sonny” was with us for a couple of days.


Dad treated all five of us for under $20. And that includes the order of fried chicken. Steve has never heard of anyone ever ordering Dick’s fried chicken, but dad couldn’t resist.


Right as we were leaving, as I was reaching for my drink, a bird pooped on my cup. It just missed my hand.

So we drove to the doctors office and I had an ultrasound.


Steve, Jilly, and Sean with his video equipment all came in to watch.
Young Gleazy definitely has Steve-o’s nose! In my opinion.


Everything looks good!!:)

After the doc visit, we continued the tour and stopped by Steve’s high school, Gonzaga Prep. We saw a couple of his old coaches.



Saw an old pic of Steve on the wall…
He’s #34, next to his best buddy #33, Jim Salters.


Notice his fingers in an upside down peace sign. Players have tried to imitate them and have gotten in trouble for it. There has been one #34 since Steve, but after him the coaches said no one has “deserved” the number. And it’s possible that no one will use that number again, because Gonzaga Prep is inducting Steve into the hall of fame on October 25th! (along with John Stockton)!


Unfortunately the baby is due October 28th – but if we can have the baby come late, he’s gonna try to get to the ceremony…
It was awesome – coaches were excited to see him and players were excited to meet him.

Afterwards, we continued the tour. Nice view of the city behind us.


After packing in everything we could, we went to the Old Spaghetti Factory with Ray and Annette Kish, who very graciously offered their cabin in Couer D’Alene to us, Tony and Tina, and Gail.


After lots of mizithra and Spimoni, we said our thank yous and drove to the amazing cabin at Black Rock.

More about that tomorrow…

3 Comments on “The Variscos storm the NW – Spokane

  1. Mic is rockin’ that belly! I’m loving the Shunpike Experiment I feel like I’m actually on the Steve-O reunion tour brought to you by Wild Alaska and the Canadian border patrol, while never leaving the comforts of home. Thanks for sharing Gleasons 🙂

    Love you guys!

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