Welcome Home Steve-o!!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Steve and Jim pulled onto Grand Route St John in the IronHorse at 12:45pm today!!

After a quick and exciting welcome home, we went to lunch at Mr John’s —
and were joined by:
Thad, Madeline and Chris, Thais and Marcus, Allison and Neil – and visited by Shawn, Pauly, and Willy P.




3 hours after lunch we had a welcome home dinner at Mila – joined by:
Vin, Jules, Pauly, Hil, Thomas, Kerry, Mad, and Chris.



The 11 day wait is finally over.
I’m so happy to have Steve back home. And I’m so grateful to Matt, Mikey Mo, and Jim for getting him back safe and sound to me.

PS – the IronHorse smells like crap…

2 Comments on “Welcome Home Steve-o!!!!

  1. Has anyone looked into PROTANDIM use in ALS or other brain disorders. My wife and I just saw the sports special on tv and it really touched our hearts. God bless Steve and his family. I am a retired Naval Officer and Physician Assistant and someone just needs to give the awsome clinical findings and reasearch on this amazing new product a long look.

  2. I was watching You and your Husband Steve. You touched My heart. I cried with you..also,your son Rivers is just adorable. I’m a Libra too.. 🙂 I wish you the best,as a Wife and now Mother. You guys make the perfect Family…. ❤

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