Mountain Time & Leaving Texas

Back to the future:
We crossed into the Mountain Time Zone earlier today. That’s fun. If we hurry up a bit can we go back in time and make everything right again?


A view into Mexico:
El Paso borders Mexico (Cuidad Juarez I believe). For anyone who has passed through, you know that it is a crazy contrast of lifestyles. One side rainbow colored shacks, on the other side, less than a mile away, Wells Fargo sky scrapers and “Jesus Lives” signs.
For those of you who have not been through El Paso, I suggest going with Michel. She happened to be driving today and nearly drove us into the Rio Grande. Bellowing things like…
Can you believe it!
I mean, it’s right over there!
Do you see the Rio Grande!
No wonder they want to come over here!
Look at their pretty colored shacks!

It got bad enough that we had to turn around to see if she could put her feet into Rio Grande. Then, she wanted to know if we could cross over into Juarez. I talked her out of that.



Isn’t this a little patronizing?


Shunpiking in real life:
After a brief trip through the bottom part of New Mexico we crossed into Arizona but missed the state entry sign! As a result, we had to do some shunpiking of our own.
We made a quick U-turn between the Interstate 10 freeway and safely made it back across the border to catch our picture.


One Comment on “Mountain Time & Leaving Texas

  1. That happened to my boyfriend and I a couple of months ago…suddenly we’d passed it! u-turn…you just have to get that picture!
    much love to you two (and baby too!)…i’m enjoying your blog!
    ~margaret (Huevos waitress extraordinaire)

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