Morning Swim

We had a pretty great morning. I slept a lot better last night than my last two tries. Steve started in the top bunk because it was cooler and then moved down with me after we had a pee together at 4:35am.


There’s this huge spring pool that we walked to for a morning dip. Luckily it was nice and hot outside or one of us wouldn’t have gotten in. There are tiny fish in there that dont swim away when you get in by them. They take little nibbles of you then just hang around.

We swam to the other side. The shallowest point is 3ft – the deepest is 25ft. On the other side there is a sign that says “slippery steps”.
It’s no joke. Steve slipped off one and cut up his legs, and then I went to help him and slipped right back in the water. The belly is unscathed, luckily.

We then took our first public shower.
Steve’s was hot. Mine was not.

— MV




On the way out we stopped at a Balmorhea corner grocery and got fresh potato and cheese burritos right
off the grill. The baby really, really enjoyed them.


2 Comments on “Morning Swim

  1. Yummy…that looks good. I LOVE this blog, me!!! I mean, I really, really, really, love it!!! My high point every day.

  2. Did u try to use Steve’s half-price-for-life card at the burrito shoppe?

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