You “Go Girl”

So, we had to stop and pee today. It happens a lot, especially with a pregnant momma. This time was different. I pulled off the interstate onto a dirt road. Thinking that we may not be far enough off the interstate, I look to Michelle. She said, this is fine. I told her that people would be able to see her from the interstate.

She responded, no, this is fine.
I got out, walked to the passenger side of the van and started to pee. Midstream I felt something splashing on my right leg. I looked over and saw Michel standing and peeing!

Of course! She was using her “go girl”!!

She obviously needs some practice, as she splattered on me during the process. Unfortunately, I did not get an action photo but I promise to have one soon.


No justice done by this photo; after the fact.

One Comment on “You “Go Girl”

  1. I liked your comment: “if we hurry up a bit can we go back in time and make everything right again”
    Einstein came up with the theory of relativity just before WWI. With the tools available at time some scientists at Oxford, England figured the proof of Einstein’s theory would be to observe a total eclipse of the sun. At the moment of totality you would be able to see the stars behind the sun, check their position and check to see if their position moved as their light passed through the gravitational field of the sun. This was in the midst of WWI and no one could travel anywhere. These guys saw that there was an eclipse in a little town called Goldendale, WA.with an observatory that would be perfect. They called up some dude at Yale, I believe, and told him to hightail his ass out to Goldendale. He didn’t actually prove it then, all those dudes got together in Australia after the war and proved it there. But that little observatory is still on the hill above Goldendale and Einstein’s theory does say that time goes slower the faster you go. So you are definitely on to something by traveling around and the more phenomenon that you witness the more time will slow down. If you can find a total eclipse, Awesome! Northern lights, excellent! Driving around the time zones, perfect!

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