Month: May 2011

Balmorhea and the San Solomon Spring

Tonight, our plan was to stop at Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. We were both exhausted by 8 PM so we chose to stop in a little Texas town called Balmorhea. Steve stopped here last December when he drove to California. There is a… Continue Reading “Balmorhea and the San Solomon Spring”

Back on the Road

So. The bumper and the wench are officially part of Team Gleason. We have become at least 30% more redneck. After hanging out at Sportsmobile since we woke up in their driveway early this morning (and peeing on the driveway without realizing there were… Continue Reading “Back on the Road”

New Bumper & Winch

We are in Austin this morning getting a custom bumper installed. The bumper has a winch on it, which was our primary goal. During install: We got in late last night to Sportsmobile Austin. We wanted to stop by Colonel Quinn’s house north of… Continue Reading “New Bumper & Winch”

Michel takes the wheel as we hit Texas

We just crossed the Texas border. Only 800 or so miles to go before we reemerge. We know where home is Mr. Texan Michel is now in the captains chair. Asking for skittles… —

Audio Post from The Outlaw


Michel test

I’m Seeing how this thing works

The Variscos storm City Park

We took the entire family to city park for a tour of the van. The kids were all over this thing like it was a mobile jungle gym. A City park security officer spot us from across the bayou but didn’t seem to mind… Continue Reading “The Variscos storm City Park”

The Outlaw tours the Ironhorse

Ransdall, Willy-Boy (Outlaw) Prieur, and the girls came by to say hello tonight.

The Pack List

Below is the pack list we have built. We definitely won’t be taking everything on the list. We’re trying to be thorough. Henry David Thorough. I posted it as “large” to be sure you can read it. I guess we need to laminate that… Continue Reading “The Pack List”