Month: May 2011

The “Post Rapture” Sabbath in LA

Well. Looks like Camping and his Family Radio were wrong again. We woke up unraptured in Marina Del Rey (MDR) which is like a little bit of heaven in the overcrowded, smogy, City of Angels. We rested today. Michel had breakfast at Maxwell’s with… Continue Reading “The “Post Rapture” Sabbath in LA”

Worms in the Anus

Great Day in LA today. Steve had a morning session with Master Bruce Sun. If you haven’t met him – here he is in March in Nola. He’s a Chinese Wu Tang monk who has a gift for healing and is one of the… Continue Reading “Worms in the Anus”

Gleason’s Secrets

Word is that there will be a Black Hole Sun at Voodoo 2011.. You heard it here first. But steve says don’t tell steve…

Welcome to LA

We were scheduled to arrive in Marina Del Rey at 5pm yesterday. The LA traffic set us back an hour or so. I can’t believe people do this commute everyday… -SG

Things we miss in NOLA

The barathon must be tonight… — How many people will beat Vinnie…?

A Thursday with Morey

On the wing and a prayer we ended up at the Morey house in Phoenix last night. Sean is a long time NFL alumni who I played against for many years. Also, a heckuva good guy who has become a good friend. Instead of… Continue Reading “A Thursday with Morey”

Where it all started…

Family Road Trips: We passed this car today and it took me back to my childhood — Every summer my mom and my brother and I would drive from Spokane, Washington to Redwood City, California. We would generally take three or four days to… Continue Reading “Where it all started…”

You “Go Girl”

So, we had to stop and pee today. It happens a lot, especially with a pregnant momma. This time was different. I pulled off the interstate onto a dirt road. Thinking that we may not be far enough off the interstate, I look to… Continue Reading “You “Go Girl””

Morning Swim

We had a pretty great morning. I slept a lot better last night than my last two tries. Steve started in the top bunk because it was cooler and then moved down with me after we had a pee together at 4:35am. href=””> There’s… Continue Reading “Morning Swim”

Mountain Time & Leaving Texas

Back to the future: We crossed into the Mountain Time Zone earlier today. That’s fun. If we hurry up a bit can we go back in time and make everything right again? — A view into Mexico: El Paso borders Mexico (Cuidad Juarez I… Continue Reading “Mountain Time & Leaving Texas”