Escuela ha Terminado

Just finished my last class at Tulane.
We have a day and a half to ourselves before we leave on Saturday evening.

Its been a long windy staircase to navigate


and we have a great set of classmates helping eachother along the way.


Alison and I had “food poisoning” and spent the morning at a sweet little tea shop.


The world needs more of these.


This entire trip has been something of a celebration but we had a finale tonight after class.

Tango show at Esqina Carlos Dargel:
(I am working with Thad to get some bootleg video posted here)


Its hard to describe the Tango. It’s tango right… Big deal… Some dance they used in the old days. I actually went to a Tango class in New Orleans with Michel when we first met. We thought it was a salsa lesson. Not sexy. Simple. Right?
The show was amazing and filled me with wonder. I feel like a person who has never heard music trying to describe the philharmonic orcestra. The precision and motion and agility. Smooth, sweet, sensual motion. Passion. A beautiful celebration of life and it’s gracefulness. Amor.

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