Bean & Rice

So most of our posts have been simply about “where we are”. Michel and I have deliberately kept these posts pretty simple just letting people know our location.
Today I am in Costa Rica but heading home to Michel tomorrow. This post is about how I feel.
I havent seen Michel for a couple weeks and I really miss her.

We have had some extraordinary circumstances arise in the past 12 months.

This has been a real test for us. I am happy to say that we have grown even closer than before. Considering that we spent 2008 travelling around the world and were with eachother, literally 24/7 for 6 months, thats pretty close.
We have been married for 3 years (may 16) and we have experienced a lifetime of adventures and emotions. Michel is 21 weeks pregnant and to be a mother soon.
Michel, I feel the need to tell you how much I love and miss you. I am always proud to talk about you with friends or strangers. You are so honest and transparent. You live life by simple rules. Work hard, share openly, fear not, love endlessly. I am a lucky boy to have met you 8 years ago at the Jazz Fest. We are like peas and carrots. Or, more appropriately, beans and rice. Or, as we say, bean & rice.
I am tired of being away from you. I am lucky to have you by my side as we follow eachother around this world and the next.

20110615-150708.jpg We’ve come along way… I have had a lot of great things happen in my life but… You are without a doubt the best thing that has happened to me. Ever.

One more sleep…


5 Comments on “Bean & Rice

  1. WOW …. can’t type through these tears welling up in my eyes. Steve, that was AWESOME! Thank you for sharing that with all of us who are following your blog!!!!!!! Just totally awesome!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing your feelings with all of us! If anyone is like me, well, I feel very special right now!!! My prayers and thoughts are always for “two” for the road ahead may have a few bumps (?) and two is always better than one! Sending much love!!!

  3. Right on Outlaw. Mich is a special girl with 2 cool ass toes! The two of you have been an inspiration to all of us. Having known Mich for close to 18 years she has never changed in who she is. A great quality to have. And you….well since that first night when we did a few squats in my kitchen we became Outlaws. Nuff said. Safe travels home Stevie G.

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